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A Trip Back to Shanghai Moore Memorial Church (Mu'en Church)

Two months after our first visit to the Shanghai Moore Memorial Church (Mu’en Church), we went back today to see their post-renovation changes. It was a Sunday, and services were being held, so today was a great opportunity to see the church put to full use.

We were greeted at the front gates by six ushers who were happy to show us inside. The main sanctuary was packed on two levels with about 600-800 people, and separate rooms on the first and second floor also held small overflows of people who watched the service on televisions.

The interior of the church is quite majestic, as it is built primarily from stone and manages to fit in a large sanctuary space on its relatively meager parcel of land. About 99% of the worshipers were local Chinese, with the rest appearing to be foreign tourists. The pastor was delivering a sermon in Chinese and intermittently there were brief prayers and songs sung by the choir and congregation.