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July 2010

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Church Market

In Manhattan, where land is more expensive than gold, it is a miracle that so many churches have survived commercialism after hundreds of years. There are probably way more churches than Starbucks. It seems you are passing by a church every other block.

So it is a unique scene to see an old stone church converted into a marketplace roughly on 16th street and six avenue. The exterior is almost unaltered, and many details are kept original to preserve the structure, which looks to be over 200 years old. I don’t know why the church cannot be maintained.

The main door of the church:

The inside of the market: no pews, no bells, just merchandise:

The roof from inside:

The side of the church:

The backdoor. The door seems original.

The stain glass is kept in its original form:

The cafe area above the altar:

It is an odd feeling to be inside the space and observe the contrast of spirituality and materialism. Over two thousand years later, people walk into the market and say “cool.”

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