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November 2010
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  • Mila: Hello there! My name is Mila. I got job in Beijing. I will arrive to China on October 6 and will live there for...
  • Helen: I shall be visiting in October 2015. What are the times for Mass on a Sunday please?
  • Risa Suparman: Address of the church in english please
  • DONIMC: Dear brethren in Christ, our hearts is spiritually touched with your encouragement reading from your website...
  • THOMAS OMWOYO: Dear servants of the most high God, Praise God! To God be the Glory! Great things He Hath Done!Thank...

Baptism in China around the 1920s

Found this rare picture online showing that a man was being baptized. Judging by the clothing of the people and other details (the man being baptized seemed to still have a braided ponytail), it looks like it might have been around the 1920s.

Water is not visible in the pool, but we can still […]

The Historic Chongwenmen Church In Beijing

We went to Beijing’s Chongwenmen Church, another key historical church in the capital, this Sunday.

The Chongwenmen Church, AKA Asbury Church, is located a stone’s throw from the Beijing Railway Station. Down a hutong close to the Chongwenmen subway station, the church is located via a stone gate and within a stone and wood […]